May 12, 2017

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?


How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

The exterior parts of your house are susceptible to any form of damage. With the exposure from different factors such as wind, sun, rain, snow and hail, a good pressure wash can make your home look as good as new. With the changes in weather, the outside of your house can look dirty and worn out. So, why pressure wash your house? Here are some of the facts you need to consider;

Power washing uses a strong stream of water to blast all the dirt from the exterior of the house. This process is far more efficient as compared to scrubbing the dirt away. All the grime is removed, and minimal energy is required. Power washing is the most recommended especially when you need to change your outward appearance.

The frequency of pressure washing depends mostly on the environmental factors. The climate affects how many times you should power wash. In a more humid environment, your house exterior is liable to mold and mildew accumulation. If your house is in a place where there are heavy storms, you will get more wind, dirt and leaves, whereas a place with leafy trees, you would need more pressure washing to give your exterior a clean outlook.

Power washing, however, can be a tedious and sensitive task as overdoing it can cause damage to your home and the same result if you neglect pressure washing. You exterior would look a little bit unkempt and dirty. Factors such as;

Rainfall is to be taken into account. Assuming that rain will clean your surface is biased. The rain may remove the exterior muck from your roof and may as well wash your vehicle, however, frequent heavy rain may lead your compound to appear untidy and neglected ultimately.

In cases whereby your home is situated in a somewhat humid place, mold and mildew will soon sprout on your roof top and extensively on the walls. You should consider pressure washing frequently but with caution. Mold and mildew are quite dangerous and may lead to allergies if you let it grow freely and uncontrollably. Therefore, ensure that you pressure wash your exterior so as it is free from any mold or mildew and also just to give it a fresh outlook.

For sanitary purposes, if you notice that a certain amount of dirt is accumulating in the exterior of the house then it is probably best to seek pressure washing services with immediate effect. When your home is located near a dirty and dusty road, power wash frequently to avoid the excess dirt.

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