February 9, 2016

REO Pressure Cleaning in Lake Worth, FL


Pressure Cleaning Lake Worth, FL

REO Pressure Cleaning in Lake Worth, FL

On a REO property, spills and dirt happen more often than not, but when the building or the structure is ready to be presented to the public, you need to clean it from all that debris. This can be problematic, as dirt and grime build-up are not easy to remove; and they are only the tip of the iceberg!

Start with basic pressure cleaning in Lake Worth, FL

The first step in cleaning for bank owned or REO properties is basic water pressure cleaning. Hire a professional pressure cleaning Lake Worth pro like Power Cleanand make sure they have experience with this type of site. They will bring in a commercial grade machine, commercial chemicals, the right tools and a large extender wand which can extend small to large to reach tall spots. At the top of the pole there is an extension which is going to allow cleaning with perfect precision at any angle. The only cleaning agent at this stage is water combined with strong pressure. This cleaning process is simple, safe and fast, so it can be used to remove large amounts of dirt or grime in an efficient timeframe.

What about non-water soluble stains on an REO property in Lake Worth, FL?

After the first phase of the pressure cleaning in Lake Worth you can assess how much more work is needed to clean the home or building. Paint, silicone and concrete mortar are all non-water soluble substances which abound on new construction or remodeled sites. For them, the Lake Worth pressure cleaning company needs to use strong chemical cleaning agents and solvents to get the area looking good again. None of these methods are easy or ideal but experienced pressure cleaning technicians can make the most out of them.

The steps of pressure cleaning an REO property in Lake Worth, FL

As we’ve seen, the first step in cleaning an REO site is a simple water pressure cleaning which is cost effective and time effective. After this first step, you will be able to see what else is left to clean. Algae or grime buildup, which is always present on an older site hides other debris and stains which are usually the main problem. According to the on-site conditions, the cleaning technicians can choose, along with the site manager which method to use.

This two-step cleaning method is meant to help site managers and owners avoid issues; there are lots of complaints registered yearly regarding aggressive pressure cleaningprocesses which damage structures. Instead of spending a lot on repairing a wall or building, replacing screen enclosures or what have you, you can reduce the risk by starting with a simple water cleaning followed by a secondary cleaning process depending on the type of staining left.

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