West Palm Beach Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach, FL

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in a lifetime. The tropical, sultry environment in Coconut Creek may cause unsightly and harmful conditions which may need a professional cleaning. Power Clean Pressure Cleaning has been operating in West Palm Beach for over 20 years now. We know how to clean tile roofs and understand the different challenges each home or business presents. We are able to clean all kinds of surfaces from patios to driveway, walls to sidewalks. We only use top of the line equipment for your peace of mind.

  • High pressure machines
  • Gun extensions that offer more access
  • Multiple pressure cleaner nozzles for every condition
  • Soft wash offers an outstanding finish to any type of exterior surface
  • Biodegradable liquid for cleaning is always utilized where needed

Eco-friendly pressure cleaning

Today’s latest environmental friendly cleaner is designed to refresh and keep up the look of the surface of your home. We use biodegradable everywhere we can. The fact of the matter is, sometimes only commercial grade cleaners are needed for the toughest of stains.

Powerful West Palm Beach Pressure Cleaning

Each project is different and we will never use unnecessary pressure. That’s why all of our machines have the ability to adjust the pressure accordingly.  Gutters need a certain pressure. Window rinsing needs a certain pressure and so on and so forth. Pressure cleaning is used when softer washing techniques are not able to take away the problem areas. In some situations, hot water pressure cleaning becomes more helpful than any cold water process. Our proficient team has all kinds of experience, which is needed to apply the proper style of cleaning.

Roof Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL

Our pressure cleaning experts also do roof cleaning every single day. If you see black lines on the roof, it has to be cleaned. Such black streaks are actually a type of algae. When you do not remove the algae on the roof, then it may cause the roof tile or shingles to be weakened. Dark algae also lead to the absorption of heat from the sun; this will raise your utility bills also.

Our roof treatment process will not cause harm to a roof, and therefore, the roof of your house will remain clean and free of algae for more than two years. Our cleaning will increase your home’s value, and make the exterior appear nicer.

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